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As Chief Innovation Evangelist and Future of Education Strategist, Dwayne Matthews has addressed the UN, school boards & parents with his bold plan to revamp education.

Dwayne Matthews is considered by many to be a renaissance thinker whose ideas for education are exciting, profound and powerful.

In this episode of Chatter That Matters, Matthews chats with host Tony Chapman about his childhood spent in Trinidad & Tobago and the headwinds he faced when he immigrated to Canada as a teenager. Feeling like he never really fit in, Matthews’ time alone led to a reflective and curious nature, which has stayed within him throughout his lifetime.

Having entered the teaching profession by chance, Matthews describes his experiences teaching at a Toronto inner-city school and a top private school in Peru — and how they both had profound impacts on his life.

Through travelling, teaching and entrepreneurship, Matthews experienced continuous epiphanies about culture. He discusses the transformative shifts that have occurred in innovation, yet haven’t translated to a change in the way kids learn at school.

“When four-year-olds can navigate a device faster than adults, the role of the educator has to change,” he says, relating how his own children are more adept at using iPads and solving technical problems.

An advocate for asynchronous learning, controlled experimentation and personalized education as methods of creating changes in the best interest of youth, Matthews is driven by the goal of overall prosperity for as many people as possible.

Tony Chapman created the Chatter That Matters podcast to counter the storm of negativity and impossibility with true stories of ordinary people who do extraordinary things. He chats with Olympians, Advocates, Celebrities, Leaders, and people who battled what seemed like insurmountable odds.

In doing, listeners hear life lessons that inspire all of us to do more and to be more, to help us get to where we need, want and deserve to go. RBC is the presenting sponsor.

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