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Go-To Grandma host Kathy Buckworth chats with retired Morning Live host Bob Cowan and Sandra Moffat of Tourism Ireland. The episode wraps up with a Take 5 With RBC feature highlighting a new initiative helping visually impaired Canadians navigate RBC branches.

Bob Cowan hosted Morning Live on CHCH for 21 years, which required a 2:45 wake-up alarm to get him to the studio at 3:30 a.m. In this episode of Go-To Grandma, Cowan chats with Kathy Buckworth about what ultimately led him to retire (besides the early mornings) and what he’s doing with his time today — including travelling, being an involved granddad and taking care of his aging parents.

Kathy Buckworth


Having recently returned from a trip to Northern Ireland, Kathy next chats with Sandra Moffatt of Tourism Ireland. From the beautiful coastline to the myths, legends and storytellers that make the country magical, the pair talk about why Northern Ireland is becoming more and more popular with travellers and why it’s a must-see destination to add to your 2023 travel list.

At the 17:30 mark, Take 5 With RBC features a discussion with Clare Johnston, who’s working on the design and renovation of RBC’s branch network in Canada, and Mary Ann Bent, a navigation expert at CNIB Frontier Accessibility who is committed to making the built environment accessible for all. They chat about BlindSquare, a GPS app helping blind, deafblind and partially sighted Canadians find their way to their destination — and the integration with RBC that delivers detailed points of interest and intersections for safe, reliable travel at more than 300 branches.