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Learn how to create a smarter home, develop smarter shopping habits and create a smarter estate plan. This episode of Go-To Grandma invites experts to discuss key topics that may save you money and preserve your money for the next generation.

How can we make our homes smarter in 2023? Tech guru Mark Saltzman returns to Go-To Grandma to talk about how smart home technology can help provide more control, convenience and cost savings for homeowners. He runs through the benefits of technology, such as video doorbells, smart locks and smart thermostats, as well as the perks of smart appliances that can make your life a little easier.

Next, host Kathy Buckworth is joined by author Paul Berton, whose new book Shopomania: Our Obsession with Possession examines what drives us to consume. He chats about how the pandemic has amplified how we think about consumerism and defines some of the “Shoponyms” from his book that characterize common shopping habits.

Kathy Buckworth

In the Take 5 With RBC segment at the 19:30 mark, Kathy welcomes Stuart Gray, Director — Financial Planning Centre of Expertise at RBC. Gray talks about the importance of estate planning, the role finances play in building our financial legacy and the opportunities beyond your will to create a lasting impact. He also emphasizes how talking openly about final wishes can avert family division — while that’s not always a fun conversation, it’s a crucial one!