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In her new podcast Go-To Grandma, parenting pro Kathy Buckworth and her guests swap grandparenting stories and experiences — and RBC retirement experts share tips and ideas for creating a retirement filled with passion and purpose.

Hear funny, heartwarming and real-world grandparenting tips and experiences from Kathy Buckworth and her celebrity guests in each episode of Go-To Grandma. Plus, RBC retirement professionals join to discuss planning, funding and thoroughly enjoying your retirement.

Arts Party

The art of music, the art of books, the art of retirement — all are part of this Go-To Grandma podcast. Multi-platinum selling artist Matt Dusk joins Kathy Buckworth to talk about the power and magic of music and how it can positively affect young children. Later in the show, guest panellists and children’s book authors Helaine Becker and Caroline Fernandez share what it takes to write a page-turner that kids, parents and grandparents will all adore (over and over again).

Afterwards, Rick Lowes, Vice President of Retirement Strategy at RBC reveals insights from the latest RBC Retirement Myths & Realities poll — and how Canadians’ perspectives on retirement have shifted over the last 18 months.


Home Tech and Video Games

Tech expert Amber Mac joins Kathy Buckworth to share her thoughts on the technology every grandparent should have in their home, with tips on how to get started with Smart Home devices — even if your technical know-how is limited. Tech journalist and podcaster Marc Saltzman next recommends the best games to play with grandkids that develop skills in collaboration, coding and communication. Not to mention good, old-fashioned competition.

If you’re dreaming of retiring in paradise, don’t miss Take 5 with RBC at the 20-minute mark where Stuart Gray, Director of Financial Planning at RBC shares practical tips and important realities for those thinking of retiring outside of Canada. While you love to vacation in Mexico, can you happily retire there? Find out how to test out your plan.


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