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Ever wondered how crossword puzzles are created? Curious about what kind of dating advice a grandmother can offer her granddaughter? Interested to hear how young people think about their finances? This episode of Go-To Grandma covers these intriguing topics with discussions that may surprise you.

On this episode of Go-To Grandma, host Kathy Buckworth welcomes Canada’s preeminent crossword puzzle creator Gwen Sjorgren. With more than 1,300 puzzles in her series of books, Sjorgren is an authority on the staying power of crosswords and how they can help you learn something new, relieve stress and have fun while you’re at it.

Next, Kathy is joined by Kim Murstein and her grandma Gail, who host a hilarious podcast called Excuse My Grandma. With 302,000 followers and 8.8 million likes on TikTok, plus 135,000 followers on Instagram, the pair’s conversations about generational differences related to dating, fashion and pop culture have struck a chord with audiences everywhere. They chat about the joy of learning from each other and why the generations must understand one another’s perspective.

Kathy Buckworth

Don’t miss Take 5 With RBC at the 19:20 mark. Jason Storsley, Senior Vice-President of Everyday Banking and Client Growth at RBC, joins to share the results of a recent poll of young adults and parents about finances. Storsley talks about the many perception gaps between parents and young people (for one, young people are far more engaged with their finances than parents think) and the role parents can have in helping young people understand their finances better.