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When it comes to retiring somewhere warm, Canadians have several U.S. destinations to choose from — each offering its own set of activities and attractions. What's the best place for Canadian snowbirds? While it's a personal decision, the list below might help you decide.

Many Canadians decide to retire somewhere warm — whether to be close to family and friends or enjoy a more moderate climate when the temperature dips north of the border. While Florida has been the retirement mecca for snowbirds for decades, other options are gaining in popularity (and consequently, in services and amenities) that are ideal retreats for sun-seeking Canadians.

Click on the map below to learn more about popular snowbird destinations.

Here are some of the most popular spots Canadian snowbirds consider for their warm weather retreats:


Canadian snowbirds — or “Winter Texans” as they’re affectionately referred to by the locals – have been flocking to Texas for years — primarily to the warmth and sunshine of the Gulf of Mexico.

A popular RV destination, Texas features miles of beachfront, historic attractions, mild winters and affordable housing — making it a great getaway for those looking to stretch their dollar a bit further.

Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley in California’s desert is home to cities such as Palm Springs, Indian Wells and Palm Desert and offers over 350 days of sunshine – and a host of outdoor activities in which to enjoy it. From hiking to cycling, tennis to rock climbing, Coachella Valley is particularly attractive for those seeking an active retirement.


Phoenix, Arizona is an ideal destination for adventure-seekers, shopaholics and foodies alike. In fact, the Phoenix area boasts over 200 golf courses, nearly 200 miles of developed hiking trails, a thriving food scene, and all the outlet shops you could ask for. It’s also one of the hottest regions in the U.S., perfect for snowbirds looking for dry desert heat and reliable sunshine over 300 days out of the year.

Central Florida

Central Florida has much to offer. While there aren’t white sandy beaches or vast ocean expanses, there’s everything from exciting theme parks, celebrated art galleries, a sensational food scene, and a range of retirement communities to discover — all at a more affordable price tag compared to other Florida destinations.

Baldwin County

Baldwin County, Alabama, shares the same stretch of waterfront with neighbouring Florida. With premier beachfront areas, a moderate cost of living and as many sunny days in a year as its neighbour to the East, Baldwin County offers an affordable alternative to higher-priced Sun Belt destinations without any of the sacrifices.

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