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This Spring Break we've been preparing for our next big adventure – Walt Disney World! We are so excited to go on this family trip which we booked using points collected from our RBC Visa Infinite Avion card!

Here’s what I love about being an Avioner – my travel points add up quickly (1 point for every $1 I spend , plus I earn even more points on travel related purchases like cabs, flights and hotels), and there are no blackout dates! I have so much flexibility when it comes to booking my travel with them, and redeeming my points.

While I was looking for flights to Orlando, I knew I wanted a direct flight out of YYZ, and that I wanted it to leave and arrive around a specific time. Once I found the flight we wanted I booked with my RBC Rewards points – it was that easy! With my RBC Visa Infinite Avion card I also get premium travel insurance because I booked and paid for our trip with my card. Talk about convenience and peace of mind!

Being an Avioner means to me that I can travel more often because I have points I can use at how I want– we use our card to make purchases as often as possible to help us rack up those points, and we save them for our trips. We love just being able to pack up and go, and with the perks of our Avion card we do this with less worry and on our schedule without restrictions.

This spring break I’ve taken advantage of our down time to start packing for our trip, and I wanted to show you what I think are some of the essentials I’m packing for our next big adventure!

First up – Mickey Mouse gear!

A layout of a beach bag, t-shirts, shoes, Mickey Mouse ears and an Avion card ready to be packed.

So many people purchase souvenirs once they arrive to a destination, but we learned on our Disney Cruise that it’s sometimes best to bring some of that gear with you! This is a much more cost-efficient way to travel! We know that some of the Mickey Mouse gear at Walt Disney World is much more expensive at the park, so we have bought a few things early like these MOA shoes (OBSESSED!), my Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, and my son’s Mickey shirt!

Our son already has a few stuffed Mickey’s that we will bring along as well – our son is excited to bring his Mickey’s to their next adventure!

For me, I picked up my Rose Gold Minnie Mouse ears early since I heard they sell out at the park quickly!

Also so important to pack – on-the-go travel gear for kids!

Flight’s with toddlers are HARD, but we think we’ve mastered the art of keeping our son busy during airport waits and flights where they are stuck in their seats.

We also load up our iPad with games from Sago Mini, and we load up a movie from Netflix. We also travel with kids-sized earphones – the regular-sized ones never fit, so we have a few pairs that are just for him. Here are even more tips on how to travel with kids.

What to never leave home without when heading to Florida? Sunscreen! We go through sunscreen like water – we are very cognizant of keeping not only our son covered with a hat, an SPF 50+ bathing suit, and sunscreen. Once of my favorites from last summer was Sun Bum – we always make sure to pack it because it can be MUCH more expensive at your destination!

A beach bag with sunscreen

For me I’m packing a cross body bag to keep all of my personal items safe and stored. I’ve heard about personal items being lost or stolen on strollers, so keeping my essentials on me is important. Luckily our Avion card will be linked to our Magic Bands where all of our purchases will be made, but I’ll be keeping my Avion card on me anyway just in case!

An Avion card with a luggage tag

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