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'You would be surprised at how much you can do in a small space with a laundry container.' Brendan Pereira, AKA Coach Koe, is on a mission to help people become their best selves in the comfort of their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Canadians have been isolating at home during COVID-19, RBC client and personal trainer Brendan Pereira recognizes the challenges that come with solitude. “It’s difficult to stay mentally healthy during this time,” he says. “It’s a hard time and people are feeling more alone now than ever.”

Pereira, who also goes by Coach Koe, decided that he wanted to help people maintain hope and focus on the future by committing to bettering themselves.

“On days we work out we feel better,” he says. “We feel we can tackle more adversity.”

Although he was laid off from his gym when it shut its doors due to the pandemic, Pereira still felt directly responsible for many people who he had been helping reach their goals. Intent on figuring out how to help as many people as possible, he decided to pivot his business online.

His High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Bootcamps are hour-long workouts that can be done from the security and comfort of home.

“For one hour a day, people get to lose themselves, forget their worries, and focus on their own mental and physical well-being,” says Pereira.

Each bootcamp is specifically designed to burn fat and build muscle. All you need is a bit of floor space, and maybe a chair, ottoman, paint can or laundry detergent container. “We have all had to make adjustments in life,” Pereira says. “So we can go from weights to paint cans. There are so many alternatives to conventional resistance.”

Pereira is happy to be providing a service people need right now. By allocating a bit of time each day for self-care – even if it’s painful by the time you get to the second set – Pereira knows that Canadians will be more mentally and physically prepared to face the challenges of the days ahead.

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