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Sending flowers has always been a special way to connect with someone. When you send flowers, you send emotion, an expression of gratitude, a reminder that you care. During the pandemic, making these types of connections has become all the more important.

For Catherine Metrycki, RBC client and founder of Callia Flowers, a bouquet has always been about more than the flowers themselves. “We are creating special moments for people,” she says of her company’s mission, which focuses on an amazing customer experience and guarantees 100% happiness. During a time when we can’t see, hug or gather with the people we care about, a moment like receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers is even more special. “I am grateful for how many of these moments we have been able to create for people who haven’t been face to face in weeks,” says Metrycki.

With Mother’s Day on May 10th, many families would feel the impact of COVID-19 even more acutely as we continue to stay apart. A day when families often get together to recognize the special moms in their lives, Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate love, family and togetherness. This year, flowers were the bridge that could allow people to stay connected to the ones they care about. That’s why Metrycki geared up – with extra flowers, boxes and drivers – to meet an expected increase in demand.

“We anticipate we are going to help a lot of people celebrate with their moms this year, she said earlier this month. “Even more than usual.”

And through her relationship with RBC – her financial partner since the onset of her business – Metrycki is helping deliver an extra dose of surprise and delight moments for moms in Western Canada.

RBC employees in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and North Western Ontario had the opportunity to nominate two moms in their community they wished to celebrate. Purchasing bouquets from Callia, RBC recognized 300 mothers by sending a special surprise on Sunday. Response from employees was tremendous, and while many nominated their own mothers and grandmothers, many recognized neighbours, teachers, front-line workers and isolated seniors as deserving of extra appreciation.

“In times like these, gratitude matters more than ever. As we emerge from the shadows of COVID-19, I think we will find a whole new level of gratitude for the people and places around us,” shared RBC Regional President Kim Ulmer. “Our own moms, the moms we choose, and the moms we value in our communities bring a great deal of light into our lives for the care they give and the work they do. We wanted to offer a little light in return.”

RBC clients across the country have been stepping up to face the COVID-19 crisis with courage, generosity and compassion. Discover other stories of how clients are making a meaningful difference during this difficult time. #RandomActsofCanadian.

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