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These easy daily routines can help keep your energy high and your body healthy — plus they're great for the whole family.

Making time to move your body is great for both physical health, as well as mental wellness. RBC Olympian and Team Canada taekwondo athlete, Skylar Park, knows how to kickstart her energy by adding more movement into her day.

Bring these easy routines into your daily life to keep your energy high, your productivity sharp, and your body feeling good.

Lady doing yoga

1. Start the day with light stretching or yoga

My family and I have been starting our day with yoga and stretching and it’s increased our energy and productivity throughout the day. This makes for a great family activity! One of my favourite YouTube channels for this is “Yoga with Kassandra.”


Man with turban walking

2. Go for a walk outdoors

With nicer weather coming, take time each day to get outdoors for some fresh air and to soak up the sun. Make it a daily habit and take the whole family with you!


man walking with coffee

3. Set an alarm on your phone for every hour — get up and walk around!

Another good general practice is setting an hourly reminder to stand up, stretch your legs, walk around or grab a glass of water to stay hydrated.


Lady walking up steps

4. Use the stairs as often as possible

The stairs are a great workout tool. Make a conscious effort to use the stairs more, or specifically use them for exercise with activities such as step-ups. To start, stand at the bottom of the staircase using only the first step. Step up with your left foot followed by your right, then step back to the floor with your left foot, then your right. Continue for 15 seconds and then repeat, leading with your right foot for 15 seconds.


Lady watching TV

5. Play the sit-up game while you watch shows or movies

Pick a character in the movie or show you’re watching and every time someone says the character’s name, do 5 sit-ups. Have fun with it!



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