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Looking for that straight-from-the-spa glow without ever leaving home? There are plenty of ways to create it, helping you unwind and feel rejuvenated under your own roof.

From a peaceful environment to soothing scents and textures, here are some simple tips and tricks that will leave you with that blissful spa feeling.

Man listening to music with his headphones

#1: Set the Mood

Before you get going, take a minute to set your sonic landscape. All you need is your phone and maybe a small speaker to fill your space with the right relaxing music to create the perfect headspace.

Check out some of these playlists for inspiration.


Eucalyptus leaves in the shower

#2: Breathe it In

While you’re in there, bring some extra relaxation to the shower by hanging some Eucalyptus leaves or using a few drops of essential oil on the wall of your shower, away from the reach of your shower head. The combination of steam and scent will have you feeling calm and relaxed in no time.


Person using exfoliating scrub

#3: Scrub-a-dub

Simple, relaxing, and affordable, a salt scrub is a great method of relaxation. Just rub from head to toe in the shower, and let the natural exfoliation bring tone and glow to your skin. You can buy a salt scrub, or even make your own with some sea salt.


Woman putting face mask on

#4: Face Value

Simple ingredients like oatmeal, honey, avocado, and milk and yogurt can combine to form a soothing, enriching skin treatment right at home. Just, mix, match, and find the perfect treatment for your skin.


Woman with a face mask and cucumbers on her eye

#5: Classic Cucumber

Classics are classics for a reason. Just put a slice over each eyelid and relax (keep that playlist from earlier going). The cool, relaxing feeling is nice, but it also serves to moisturize, reduce puffiness, and lighten up dark circles.


Well, there you have it. Hopefully after this assortment of home treatments you’re feeling relaxed and refreshed.