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We all know how easy it is for the day to get away from us. It can go by quickly before we’ve even remembered to take a second for ourselves. These simple tips will add more “feel-good moments” to your day. Every little bit goes a long way!
Girl dancing and singing

Feel-Good Music All Day Long

Whether it’s with your preferred streaming app, a record player, or even that trusty cd-playing boombox you still have around, adding upbeat music to your day can have a positive and immediate effect on your mental statelegal bug2. It helps release dopamine in the brain which makes us feel good. So next time you’re stuck in the haze of work or chores, take a second to let the beat go on, and on and on.


man with headphones

Positive Living through Podcasts

It doesn’t have to be just music. Listening to podcasts throughout the day can help improve your spirits as well! The bonus is, whatever topic you happen to be in the mood for, there’s more than likely a podcast for it. So, whether you want to learn something new, be inspired, get motivated, or simply be entertained, take a dive into the wonderful world of podcasts. We even have our own Podcast called “Go-To-Grandma” that helps listeners with money matters through their grandparenting years with insights and advice. Listen to the episodes here.


A couple sitting on couch

Movie Magic

Picture yourself with a little extra me time at the end of the day. A great way to wind down is with a feel-good movie. Choosing the right one can almost work as a form of therapy to bring our minds back to a positive state, especially after a not-so-positive day. So, pop some popcorn, get cozy, and enjoy the show!


A moose

Nature Connectivity

Do you ever find yourself going through the day without spending any time outside? That disconnect does play a role in our happiness. The good news is that watching nature videos can help to increase contentedness, joy, amusement, and curiositylegal bug3. Many great nature documentary options exist on popular streaming services, but they can be easy to find on YouTube and social platforms as well.


A senior couple playing chess

Puzzles, Please

Many of us spend nearly all-day solving problems and may not want to solve any more by the time we get home. However, puzzles can be that missing piece to improve our day. It’s been shown that puzzles help regulate mood and optimism, while also improving focus and short-term memorylegal bug4. And of course, they’re fun!


A mother and child

Story Time

There’s nothing like getting drawn into an engrossing book with your kids, one that sets the perfect tone, is rich in character and plot, and triggers both your imaginations. But story time isn’t just something that helps deepen their love for reading, it can reignite yours, too! Explore new options here for you and your little ones. Happy reading!