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Diagnosed with MS more than 30 years ago, Caroline took control of her diet and today walks with a cane and is a practicing Life Coach. Stephen travelled the world looking for answers. He found peace when he met Caroline and today is a renowned mindfulness teacher.

Caroline and Stephen have so much love for each other, for the people they help and for planet earth. COVID has forced them to rethink how they connect with others. Their unique story deserves to be shared. — Tony Chapman

Caroline Courey is a mother of four, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1993 and spent years of her life battling both inner self-doubt and physical degeneration. With the help of a counsellor and her MS Support group, Caroline moved beyond survival mode and wrote Crossed Signals — a novel for families living with long-term illness.

Stephen, meanwhile, went from being “a good Catholic boy trying to avoid hell” to a young man determined to explore and indulge his curiosity. After university, he took off to Pakistan, Afghanistan and ultimately India, where he was a Buddhist monk for nearly a decade.

The pair met when Caroline was seeking a second set of eyes for her book, which Stephen agreed to review. They felt instant chemistry during their first meeting and have drawn on each other’s strengths ever since, to face seemingly insurmountable challenges, find happiness and peace through mindfulness and reign the power of diet and exercise to defy medical odds. Today, they use their combined experiences and knowledge to teach and coach others seeking a path to happiness, mindfulness, self-belief and balance.

Theirs is a life and a love story worth sharing for anyone battling health or the forces of change gripping our planet.

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