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Young people today are amazing - but struggling to find their footing.

Most Canadian youth are happy, excited, optimistic and positive—they say they think they have a good life, say it’s easy to have fun, and are most excited for their own personal growth.

The annual RBC Youth Optimism Survey polls the country’s most precious resource – it’s youth – to find out how they feel about their future.

Surprising Results

  • 81% of Canadians aged 14-25 were most excited about a surprising thing: their future careers.
  • 96% want to follow their passions for work

Painful Reality Check

  • By the time they’re 22-25, only 2/3 believe they will get a job in their field of choice.

The Daily Grind

  • 55% of students between age 17-24 fear they’ll have to do work they’re not passionate about when they graduate.

Youth unemployment

  • Youth unemployment is up and so is stress about jobs and finances.
  • 61% of young people 14-25 worry about getting a job
  • 67% worry about money.

Things Are Looking Up, in 10 years

  • While only 35% of respondents say they’re very positive about next year, 10 years from now, 42% think 2026 will be a good year for them!

Parents Just Don’t Understand

  • Kids worry, more than parents think.
  • 58% of parents think their kids stress out about money.
  • 54% of parents think their kids are concerned about getting a job

What can young people do to land their dream jobs?

  • Be polished – Perfect resume and interview skills
  • Get experience- Work co-op jobs, and internships
  • Find help – Look for mentors or community programs to help out