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From their first official tour date at the Shady Lady Discotheque, to their final performance in their hometown 30 years later, The Tragically Hip bassist Gord Sinclair takes listeners behind the music and on the road in this heartfelt and humorous episode of The Northern Take™.

Ever wondered about the stories behind Fifty Mission Cap and Wheat Kings? In this edition of The Northern Take, The Tragically Hip bassist Gord Sinclair shares key moments in the band’s history discusses the significance of storytelling and maintains the importance of knowing your country’s history — the good and the bad.

Revealing his favourite venues to play and cities to visit, Gord shares what it’s like to be considered “Canada’s Band,” pointing out that The Hip’s success could only have happened because other Canadian bands paved the way.

These days, Gord is a self-dubbed “reluctant solo artist” and has used his music to speak about love and loss, including the death of close friend and band frontman Gord Downie. He’s not touring now but hopes to soon, stressing the importance of live music, especially during difficult times.

With a call to kids just like him — who want to start a band in a friend’s basement — he urges them to go for it and hopes that The Hip has inspired many to chase their music dreams.

Recently, Avioners had the amazing opportunity to attend a virtual Q&A with the band at their Bathouse Studios. Avioners even enjoyed an exclusive tour of the studio as part of The Avion Collection.