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Stay on top of your finances for the rest of the school year with personal finance tips from this article round up!

Whether you are a student, on co-op, or job hunting, you know that every dollar you earn or save can get you closer to next semester’s textbooks, the next rent payment or that fancy treat-yourself dinner order. Check out this article round up to get top tips to help you stay on top of your personal finances and meet your goals. It’s a new year – time to set and conquer some new goals!

1. Four Tips to Maximize Your Budget

2. Five Ideas to Trim Your Monthly Spending

3. Simple Ways to Plus Up Your Savings

4. How to Build Good Credit as a Student

5. Five Things You Didn’t Realize You Can Do With Your Banking App

6. Four Ways to Pay for School

7. Five Ways to Make a Social Difference with Your Wallet

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