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The most recent RBC Small Business Poll shows new and prospective entrepreneurs are turning the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities, revealing that entrepreneurial aspiration is at a four-year high.

According to the recent RBC Small Business Poll, more than half of Canadians (55%) are thinking about opening a business, a testament to Canadians’ ability to seize opportunity in the face of adversity. Despite the toll of the pandemic, Canadians are hopeful about the prospect of entrepreneurship and many have taken action on their enterprising ambitions.

“The entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever and business ownership is increasingly being seen as a viable career path for many Canadians in light of the opportunities created by the pandemic,” says Don Ludlow, Vice President of Small Business, Partnerships & Strategy, RBC.

With robust public support for small business and multi-dimensional solutions available to help entrepreneurs get their business off the ground, optimism is high among Canadians newest – and soon-to-be – business owners.

Here’s what entrepreneurs and Canadians from coast-to-coast had to say: