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The RBC 2020 Small Business Poll shows business owners are resilient — an important trait as businesses continue to navigate uncertainty and economic recovery in the coming months.

Canadian entrepreneurs’ adaptability, optimism and ingenuity in the face of challenges shines bright in RBC’s Small Business Poll. While 2020 has been a year of uncertainty, owners across Canada are proving their mettle with nearly 9 out of 10 business owners say can bounce back.

“Small businesses – and the inspiring Canadians who build them – have and always will be the backbone of our country’s economy,” said Lori Darlington, Vice President of Small Business and Strategic Partnerships, RBC. “Especially in these unprecedented times, entrepreneurship requires a great deal of resiliency – and fortunately, a majority of those who pursue it possess the mental strength, adaptability and business acumen needed to weather the ups and the downs of the journey. Building upon these strengths, entrepreneurs can further bolster their businesses by tapping into the right tools and guidance, and taking steps to plan and adjust during the recovery phase.“

Read more about the poll findings and ways owners can meet today’s challenges:

Entrepreneurs can also access a suite of tools, resources and business advice at RBC's Small Business Navigator hub online.