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Here are 5 ways you can show love and celebrate your mother — and the mother figures — in your life.

1. Support her favourite hobby or pastime

Those who have hobbies and favourite pastimes often love purchasing items to make them more enjoyable or easier. For those interested in sports that may include a fitness tracker or Bluetooth headset. If your mother loves outdoor activities, consider sunglasses or a fully equipped picnic basket. For those with a creative side, craft supplies may be just what they want.

Start by making a list of their hobbies and pastimes and narrowing it down to the top three. Then, think of possible gift items for each category and where you can purchase them. If your mother has a special collection — whether it’s cookware, candles or precious stones — consider gifting her an item to add to that collection. They will surely appreciate the gift as well as your attention to detail in choosing an item that considers their interests.

2. Choose an item off her wish list

It can be difficult to find out what items are on someone’s wish list without explicitly asking. It’s helpful to be observant and listen to the ways in which they say or allude to exactly what they would like even without them realising it.

The following can be a great way to get an idea of the perfect gift:

  • If your mother had to fill in the blank in the following sentence what would she say? “You can never have too many __________.”
  • Has she complained about wanting or not having a particular item recently?
  • Is there a gadget that she mentioned which would make her life much easier?
  • Has your mother recently misplaced a beloved item that can be replaced?

Now you might have at least one great gift idea in mind. The best part about this method is that you can almost be certain they’ll be surprised and make good use of it.

3. Gift her a memorable experience

You may also find that the mother in your life already has everything she could possibly want and need. In these instances, it’s always a good idea to gift an experience. It can be something that you can enjoy together such as a trip. For more local options, consider a concert or tour of an attraction you’ve never visited.

With the growth of technology and digital services, you also have the option of virtual experiences which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Many businesses offer these just in time for Mother’s Day and you can keep an eye out for advertisements in the newspapers, on event hosting websites or via social media. Be sure to take pictures to relive the memories of these shared experiences for years to come.

4. Enjoy a home-cooked meal together

There’s nothing quite like your favourite home-cooked meal. Now it’s your turn to prepare your mother’s favourite meal or one that she’d be sure to enjoy. Make it a dinner date and dress as if you were dining out. Recreate the ambience of a restaurant with an elegant tablecloth, candles and a simple centrepiece.

If you’re both up for it, this can even double as a bonding activity if you prepare the meal together and then enjoy it. Take it up a notch by preparing a decadent dessert as well. Most of all get creative in the kitchen and have fun. If you’re not much of a chef, consider having a special meal delivered.

5. Go for a gift card or gift certificate

Gift cards or gift certificates may be seen as taking the easy way out. Quite the contrary, they’re the perfect option when you know someone will appreciate it since gift cards give the freedom to choose exactly what they would like from their favourite establishment. This is also helpful in cases where you don’t want to risk buying something they may already have or, if you’re not located close by, you can gift an e-certificate virtually.

Most businesses have the option of purchasing gift cards either with pre-set values or by adding your desired amount. Whether it’s for a spa, restaurant or clothing store, choose somewhere that your mother will appreciate. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a gift card:

  • Check the expiry date
  • Ensure that the option is practical and easily accessible
  • Consider if the card or certificate has to be used all at once or until the value has depleted

It can be just as rewarding to give the mother in your life a thoughtful gift as it is for her to receive it.

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