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From exploring local festivals to doing the things you love, you can have a blast while staying put.

You’ve sent your last e-mail and turned on your out-of-office message. It’s time to relax and head to your vacation destination—your home! While your co-workers might be jetting off to cottages or far flung destinations, not everyone wants a change of location when there is so much to do by staying local. From festivals to the activities you love—but usually don’t have time for—experienced staycationers know how to have a blast while staying put.

If you run out of ideas, here are 5 suggestions for maximizing your fun in your own backyard.

1. Be a Tourist

Perhaps you’ve wanted to try that great new restaurant but it’s always packed on the weekend or maybe you’ve been wanting to go to the local museum to check out a new exhibit. Make a list of things that you must do this vacation – from ice skating at a local rink during the day, to meeting up with friends for drinks at your favourite bar. Take advantage of your staycation to cross a bunch of these activities off your list. Just make sure to bring a phone and snap lots of selfies like a true tourist!

One of the best things about vacations is that you often get to try new things. Consider doing something fun that you normally wouldn't do, like ziplining or skydiving!

2. Throw a Party

Party planning can be time consuming. If you love to entertain but don’t usually have the time or energy to do so, then have people over during your staycation. Make it easy and stress-free by catering or buying pre-made sides. Or, if you love to cook, use your extra time to go all out and give Martha Stewart a run for her money. You’ll make fond memories when you spend time enjoying the company of the people you love.

3. Do Something New

One of the best things about vacations is trying new things. Consider doing something fun you normally wouldn’t do like ziplining or skydiving. Have you always wanted to ride a motorcycle? Consider spending your staycation getting your motorcycle license. Do you dream of going horseback riding but need lessons? Call up a local stable. You’ll have a great story to tell when you head back to work!

4. Check Out Festivals

It seems like every weekend in Canada there’s another festival celebrating something unique. Whether it’s an Italian Festival or the Festival du Voyageur, there is likely a celebration going on near your city right now. Check out local event guides to get the lowdown on what’s happening then get out there and enjoy. From fireworks and music to tasting foods from other cultures, local festivals can help you experience your hometown in a whole new perspective.

5. Do Nothing

Who says a staycation has to be jam packed with activities? Sometimes the best staycations are those where you have nothing to do but relax. Sleep in late, get a good book and sit outside with your hot chocolate, binge watch episodes of your favourite TV show … relax. Nod off it you want to! It’s okay – you’re on staycation.