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Self-isolation has created a perfect storm of contemplation. As one day bleeds into the next and Canadians face challenges they never considered or asked for — loss of jobs, savings, businesses, loved ones and milestones — many are reflecting on what's truly important in life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has represented an extreme period of loss and hardship for many Canadians. At the same time, many have found silver linings amid the challenges, including more time with family, a new hobby pursued or space to nurture a passion there wasn’t time for before. One bright spot is arguably the opportunity for personal reflection, and the clarity that has emerged as a result.

The end of this dark tunnel will eventually come into view, prompting Canadians to ask important questions: What do I want my life to look like post-pandemic? What are my new priorities? Who do I want in my life? Where do I want to live? Is my career giving me meaning and purpose? And where in the world do I want to explore next?

As Canadians contemplate their lives past, present and future, change appears inevitable in order to move forward and put the pandemic in our rear view mirror. In this new series: Life After COVID, we explore how Canadians are looking & feeling about many key aspects of their lives.

In a recent study, RBC asked Canadians to evaluate four key elements of their lives: Relationships, Employment, Leisure and Home. Canadians from all walks of life shared how they may be shifting their life’s focus in the post-pandemic light. Read through the series to discover how other Canadians are reflecting on their lives and reconsidering where they want to focus their energy after this period of uncertainty is behind us.

There are silver linings everywhere, if we look. And RBC is here to help manage the changes in your life — regardless of whether they’re big transformations or small shifts. Take a moment and book a real discussion with an advisor who can help you navigate your next move or alleviate the stress of your current situation.

If and when you’re ready, book an RBC Check In with an advisor today.

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