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Across Canada, young people are transforming their communities – in both small and innovative ways. Scratch below the surface of stereotypes typically associated with younger generations, and you'll quickly find a wealth of young Canadians eager to use their talents and energy to improve things for themselves, their families, their communities, and the country at large.


This year, RBC is giving thousands of young Canadians $150 to help their communities in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary through the #make150count initiative. The first recipients are already reporting back on what they did with the money and their stories are inspiring: Sariena from Toronto recently curated an open photoshoot to help girls across the GTA feel empowered and beautiful. Rae from Halifax arranged a shoe giveaway when she learned that many people in her community couldn’t afford seasonally appropriate shoes.

Their Stories Will Touch You

These young people are a part of the generation laying the groundwork for Canada’s next 150 years by dedicating themselves to finding solutions to complex problems in their communities.

Take for example Diane, who created care packages with food, clothes and sunscreen for the homeless in her community. “It was a really great experience,” she says, “giving the packages out to people and seeing the smiles it brought to their faces.”

Or consider Tahmina who worked with the Afghan Women’s Organization to donate school supplies to Syrian refugee children. “I managed to buy basic school essentials for 30 Syrian refugee children,” she says. “It encouraged me to start a charity fund for more school supplies and some winter gear for this coming winter.”

They Will Make You Proud

What these stories show is a common desire to connect with fellow Canadians and to work together to create a more just and caring society. Their passion and excitement to help others is a testament to the character of Canada. Through this initiative young Canadians are building on the country’s foundation of equality, social justice, and freedom for all.

As we approach the 150th anniversary of Canada’s founding, it’s tempting to think about the next 150 years. Undoubtedly, Canada will face its share of challenges going ahead, but what will determine where the country will be on its 300th anniversary is the actions and attitudes of young people today. If the young Canadians that the Make 150 Count initiative has already connected with are any indication, our country will be flourishing.