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During times of stress, connecting with people you care about can reduce anxiety. The science proves it. When stress is caused by financial uncertainty, checking in with an advisor can work much the same way.

There’s no question, these are stressful times. Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges that come with adjusting to working from home, children and family, life can feel overwhelming.

Adding to the anxiety is the absence of usual social connections. A dinner with a friend, a hug from a family member, or a friends-and-family gettogether … these are normally moments that bring light to our lives, create connections and support. Without connections, feelings of loneliness and stress may quickly intensify.

It’s not just you, it’s science

Science has shown that social connection is an essential human need. In fact, researchers at Concordia University discovered that oxytocin, the hormone released when bodies are under stress, causes an internal desire to connect. According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, social connection can help people feel mentally and physically better by relieving stress, diminishing depression, and potentially protecting against cognitive problems as people age.

While it’s crucial to check in with family and friends in ways that are safe and appropriate during this time (it benefits both your own well-being and theirs) it may also be important to check in with other members of your support network, even people you might not have considered.

Why Check In with a Financial Solutions Specialist

Mental health issues are closely linked to job loss and financial stress. While many are concerned about our money, few choose to connect with a professional for financial planning help.

If you haven’t considered having a financial check in with your bank, you’re not alone. Many people may not ask for assistance and advice when they are experiencing financial challenges. They may fear being judged for their current financial situation, they may think they won’t get value from a financial discussion, or perhaps won’t like what they hear.

The thing is, a financial check in is a judgment-free zone and the best part, is, it’s free! Financial Solutions Specialists are there to help — whether things are going well, or (especially) when they’re not. There is no shame in asking for advice, answers, or just a hand in managing your money.

Consider how much better you might feel if:

  • The debt you may be struggling with could be consolidated into one manageable payment.
  • Your budget could be reshuffled to give you more breathing room at the end of the month.
  • You had a financial plan in place to improve your cash flow.
  • You found a few extra dollars to save for something that matters to you and your family.


RBC reaching out to clients

In an effort to stay connected with clients, RBC Financial Solutions Specialists have been proactively reaching out just to check in on clients, and to answer questions or address concerns. Because again, their role is to help you feel comfortable and confident with your finances.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at An RBC Check In: What It is, And What It Is Not. Or better yet, book your check in today. You might be surprised by the real discussions that can take place between you and a Financial Solutions Specialist.

If you’re ready, book an RBC Check In with a Financial Solutions Specialist today.