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Thinking about juicing up your drive? There are more hybrid models to choose from, so if you require something more than a small sedan or coupé, it's easier to choose an electric vehicle that fits your lifestyle.

Looking to buy a new car and wondering about electric options? There are three main types to consider:


A hybrid uses a gas engine coupled with electric motors and a battery pack. The battery is recharged while you’re driving by capturing energy from braking or while the gas engine idles.

Plug-In Hybrid

This type also allows you to plug in the car to charge the battery at a public terminal or home power station. If you use up the battery power, the engine then uses gas. Given careful driving habits and a commute that fits the car’s electric-only range, drivers can cover hundreds of miles without using the gas engine. This option can give you the best of both worlds and reduce your concerns about driving range.


This type of green car doesn’t have a gas engine at all, instead, it relies on energy recapture and charging stations.

Compared to a traditional car of a similar size, you’ll likely pay a premium for a hybrid or electric car. Your return on investment will depend on the price of gas. In some instances where Governments have Green/Environmental policies in place, there may be subsidies to encourage purchasing these vehicles.

If you’re in the market for a new car, check out the range of hybrid and electric vehicles on the market today. You may find one that fits your needs and helps reduce your impact on the environment.

If you’re new to buying a car, be sure to read on for things to consider when buying your first vehicle.