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Even if your father or father figure in your life claims he doesn't want anything, here are 6 gift ideas to show him how much you care.

Gift-giving on father’s day can leave you stumped. That’s because men are sometimes less likely than women to verbalize exactly what they want. Receiving conventional items will still be appreciated, however, you may want to think outside the box this year to avoid reverting to the go-to items like clothing or cologne. Consider these six gift ideas as a way to show your father and father figures in your life how much you care.

1. Gift the latest gadgets

Get your father the latest gadget he’s been dreaming of and watch as his face beams with joy for the entire day. It can be a gadget that’s simply for fun, useful for work, exercise or convenient to have around the house. Some ideas include smartwatches, car accessories, cell phones or gaming consoles.

When considering which gadget will be best, ask yourself the following questions to ensure that your gift won’t go to waste: Is this something they can use often? Will this item be used long-term?

2. Delight the enthusiasts

In the right crowd, enthusiasts can talk about their interests all day. They’re curious and open to new hobbies and activities which means there are endless gift possibilities. Consider items or tools that can make your father’s current interests and hobbies more enjoyable. Or perhaps there’s a new activity you think they may enjoy? Whether it’s someone who’s especially interested in sports, barbecuing, music, travel, DIY projects or outdoor activities, think of an item your father doesn’t have but will surely appreciate. If you’re not certain about a specific item to buy, an eCertificate.

3. Gift a virtual experience

Virtual experiences have become more popular and can be a great option for homebodies or introverts. Additionally, they provide a wider range of opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach due to geographical limitations. Start by searching the internet to find a virtual event that you know your father will enjoy such as a live concert, sporting event or educational webinar.

4. Plan an adventure

For the adventurous father, this is definitely an opportunity they won’t pass up. Nonetheless, the idea of adventure differs from person to person so be sure to choose wisely according to your father’s interests. It can be as simple as trying an activity they’ve never done before.

If there’s a particular activity such as ziplining or ATV riding that your father has always wanted to cross off his bucket list, then now’s a great time to get around to it. For the less adventurous, perhaps a weekend getaway vacation might be an option? Surprise him by taking care of all the arrangements beforehand and making it a weekend-long event for even more fun.

5. Go for an add-on

Add-ons are gifts that enhance items or services they already have — like an upgrade or a 6-month extension to a streaming service. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Equipment for his home gym
  • New earphones for his devices
  • Games for his gaming console
  • An upgrade to a subscription service

6. Personalise your gifts

If you already have a gift in mind and you’re looking for a way to take it up a notch then consider personalizing it. The additional thought and effort are always appreciated. Gifts that are commonly personalized include picture frames, robes, calendars, coasters and jewelry. For instance, you could add their initials to the gift or have it engraved or embossed.

With these ideas in mind, you’re sure to land a great gift this year. To all fathers and father figures, have a great and memorable Father’s Day.

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