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Whether it's reading a book at Lake Muskoka with no fear of water damage or printing photos at Parliament the moment you take them, these five gadgets can enhance your celebration of Canada's birthday.

1. Throw a Backyard Movie Party

New portable projectors make it easy to host an outdoor movie party almost anywhere there is a flat surface — such as a backyard fence. The Philips PicoPix has four different varieties, including a battery powered version for movie nights in the wilderness. Get the popcorn ready, call over a few friends and family and pop in your favourite Canadian classics like “Anne of Green Gables,” “Strange Brew,” or “Snowtime!” (“La Guerre des tuques”).

2. Catch Up On Summer Reads Poolside

If your celebration plans include reading by the lake or poolside, the days of worrying your book might get splashed may be over. The new Kobo Aura H2O can be completely submerged in two meters of water for up to an hour. This e-reader can function after being submerged in running water or having your favourite beverage spilled on it. Plus, you can program the Kobo to subtract blue light closer to bedtime so that nighttime reading on a device won’t interrupt sleep patterns. And, the memory has doubled from four to eight GB so even the most avid reader can bring all of your favourites on your next holiday.

3. Share Your Celebrations in 3600

The Insta360 Nano allows you to shoot photos and live-stream high-definition videos directly from your iPhone. Simply clip the device onto your iPhone 6 or higher, and you can livestream 360-degree video from your favourite Canada 150 live event. Outdoorsy types can also attach the Insta360 Nano to their helmet and catch all of their daring and panoramic activities on film.

Afterwards you can print photos with the Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Photoprinter. The compact instant printer attaches to your iOS or android so you can print directly from your device in under a minute. Each instant print is two by three inches and is smudge proof, with peel-back adhesive paper so every instant print can be turned into a sticker for added fun.

4. Clean Up Your Camping

Canada has some of the best places to camp in the world. But if you hesitate going camping because campsite showers just aren’t your thing, try the NEMO Helio LX Pressure Shower. After a day celebrating the beauty of the Canadian outdoors, fill up the 22 litre water tank, set it on the ground and let the sun warm the tank. Then step on the pump to pressurize and enjoy a clean, refreshing shower anywhere. Afterwards, enjoy a meal with the CampStove 2 and Portable Grill from BioLite. The grill has easy-to-cook surfaces and the stove creates a smokeless wood fire that coverts heat to energy so you can charge your mobile devices while you cook.

5. Share Canada’s Favorite Beverage – Just About Anywhere

Coffee is the most commonly consumed Canadian beverages, and according to a 2015 CBC study Canadians drink more litres of coffee per capita at cafes than anywhere else in the world. So no matter where you celebrate Canada’s 150th, most likely you’ll want fresh java. The Handpresso Pump is a take-anywhere, compact device that allows you to make your favourite espresso drinks anywhere you travel. By building up pressure with a hand pump (similar to bike pump) and adding hot water from a kettle or thermos, you get a high-quality espresso with no battery or electricity.