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Scoring tickets to your favourite show is bound to make you feel things.

Waiting patiently in-between concerts for your favourite artist to announce a venue in your city on their upcoming tour can feel like an eternity. But when that announcement finally arrives, you can’t help but feel like the luckiest fan on the planet.

As you hover your finger over the ticket confirmation button, you can’t decide whether to laugh, cry, or scream from the rooftop. And that’s just the beginning of the emotional rollercoaster you’ve signed up for. There’s an entire string of emotions to navigate — see how many you can relate to when it comes to seeing the show of your dreams.

Young woman refreshes her browser on laptop in hopes of scoring concert tickets.

Image courtesy of Jane B and Pixaby

Bursts of Happiness

Purchasing concert tickets, you may feel stress, but when the confirmation screen comes up — you’re over the moon! Next, you will likely begin to jump up and down while you happily cry, or you might stay put and blissfully cheer from your seat. Regardless of the form, you are spilling over with happiness, and you can’t help but express it in a multitude of ways.

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Bask in this moment, because it will soon be followed by …

Multiple Layers of Anticipation

Counting down the days until the big show creates an incredible amount of anticipation. The hard part about dealing with anticipation is navigating the endless back-and-forth feelings of excitement versus restlessness. You’re essentially stuck managing your impatience for an event that is months and months away.

An audience cheering the band onstage at a live concert.

Image courtesy of Kaique Rocha and Pexels

Excitingly Overwhelmed

When the long wait is nearly over you’ll begin to feel overwhelmed by your level of excitement. There are so many things to consider like, what should you wear? How should you do your hair? Should you eat before you go or eat there? Will they play your favourite song? How long will it take to get there — or worse — how long will the line up be? There are so many questions running through your head, you can barely focus. Take a deep breath, because you got this!

State of Euphoria

When the house lights go down, you begin to cheer so loudly that for a brief moment you think you’ve nearly gone deaf. A few moments later, the house lights go up and you begin to hear the faint sound of the band plays their first notes. The moment you dreamt of has arrived in the perfect package and — it’s more emotionally fulfilling than you could ever imagine.

Immediate Nostalgia

Music can make you cry, smile, and scream, but it can also make you move, heal, and grow. Music makes you, you. Many of us experience a moment of nostalgia while at a live show. The magical thing about music is its ability to remind you of the people, places, and things that mean the most to you. Don’t be surprised if, while you’re listening to a live performance, you remember where you were the first time you heard the song, or when you turned your friends on to the band.

A crowd of concert goers cheering a singer on in a club.

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The Most Powerful Feeling of All

Perhaps the most powerful of all the emotions you experience at a concert is that incredibly profound moment when you look around to acknowledge that everyone is there for the same reason — the love of music. And that’s one feeling you will never want to let go of.

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