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Digital marketing is leveling the playing field for small business owners. While the complexity of doing business today can feel overwhelming, digital marketing tactics can get you back to basics, helping you get the right message to the right audience at the right time.

In this new six-part video series, Tony Chapman asks Canadian business leaders and seasoned entrepreneurs how small business owners can navigate today’s new economy.

In the two episodes Put Your Best Click Forward and Kick Up Your Online Marketing, industry experts offer advice and tangible steps to help Canadian businesses use digital tools that can give them a new edge.

Use Digital Marketing as a Customer Magnet

With the onset of COVID-19, many Canadian consumers shifted to digital channels for most — if not all — of their retail shopping, food ordering and service support. For business owners with a low online profile, transforming their digital presence can feel like a really big job. Chris Barrett, CEO of Operatic, simplifies an owner’s next steps with these tips:

1. Start small

Many businesses believe they’re missing the digital wave and will consequently feel compelled to do something big. Barrett’s recommendation, however, is to start with the fundamentals. Google My Business, for instance, is a free service that allows you to connect with your customers through Google Search and Map products. “Don’t skip the basics,” he advises, when starting out on your digital journey.

2. Understand the analytics

Knowing what’s working — and what is not — is critical to a successful digital strategy. But that’s only Step One. Step Two is to take action on what you know — when something hits, invest in it. If it doesn’t, pivot to something else right away.

3. Get some help

Working with a digital agency doesn’t have to be a big investment. But getting expert assistance to build your digital presence, understand consumer behaviour and interpret the analytics can help you move the needle — and the resulting growth can pay for the rest of your digital transformation.

Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Christian Dion is a digital marketing expert heading up programmatic solutions marketing for the ad tech leader Broadsign. In his conversation with Tony Chapman, Christian shared his thoughts on how small business owners can take advantage of accessible, affordable solutions

1. Amplify your voice

Digital out of home technology allows for more targeted capabilities that micic the online world. It also lets you get out there with a bigger voice and consequently more credibility that was previously reserved for bigger brands.

2. Start small and scale with results

The beauty of digital out of home is that you can spend your money where and when it matters to you, then quickly see results in terms of footfall traffic, sales and online activity. The outcome is you can be flexible — either pause activity or invest more — depending on how your campaign is doing.

3. Put your best foot forward

“If you have retail that matters and something signature to say, don’t be afraid to say it,” advises Dion. Nail down a message that resonates and choose to advertise based on time of day, weather, location, world event, etc.

See what other Canadian business leaders and entrepreneurs have to say about navigating today’s changing business landscape in our Small Business Month Video Series.