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Your app use tells you more than you think!

Technology has become necessary a part of life. Even if you avoid the phone or limit your screen time — chances are you’ve got more technical know-how than you think.

Take this quiz and find out just how digitally savvy you are — and what the tech you do use says about you!

1. How many apps do you use in a day?

A) At least 5.

B) Closer to 10.

C) “I lose count.”

D) “As few as possible.”

2. How many new apps do you download each month?

A) 1 or 2. But only if a friend uses them and if they’re free.

B) 3 to 5. There are always new games to play.

C) 6 or more. You’ll try anything — but if it doesn’t make your life better, it’s just as easy to delete them.

D) None. You already have the ones you want.

3. How do you entertain yourself?

A) Either Candy Crush or Xbox.

B) You scroll through social media or message friends.

C) Watch one of your favourite streaming services.

D) Crosswords, gardening, exercising — anything mentally stimulating.

4. How do you split the cost of a group gift or dinner?

A) You pay for it and then send a money request to each of your friends.

B) You each pay your portion of the bill with debit or credit.

C) You pay with your digital wallet then have your friends send e-Transfers.

D) Cash.

5. How do you buy groceries?

A) You buy online and have them delivered in the next few days.

B) You message friends or family to see if anyone is running to the store. If not, you head out yourself.

C) You check delivery times on Instacart and get groceries delivered in the next few hours.

D) You go to the supermarket.

6. How do you schedule virtual events?

A) Everyone gets a Doodle.

B) Schedule? I can see who’s online and available now.

C) Via a calendar app.

D) You call or e-mail to pick a time.

7. How do you share good news with friends and family?

A) If it’s personal news, on Facebook.

B) You share it on every single social account you have. You want everyone to know!

C) Share it in a group chat.

D) You pick up the phone and call someone.

8. How do you let people know if you’re running late?

A) You message your friends.

B) You direct message friends and text your group chat. That should cover all the bases.

C) You share your current location and ETA via Google Maps.

D) You check your GPS and call when you park.

9. You want to try a new restaurant. How do you check to see if it’s any good?

A) Text a friend in the area and ask if they’ve tried it.

B) Ask for recommendations on social media.

C) Check reviews on Yelp, OpenTable and TripAdvisor — and make note of dishes that people say are their favourites.

D) You look up the number and order to see if you like it.


(Mostly As) The Independent Digital Nomad

You’re someone who uses their devices to explore the world — not. Life doesn’t have to revolve around tech, but it’s here to help if you want it. Like your GPS telling you when to turn, you have support when you want it to get to your destination.

If you prefer experiences over constantly monitoring your accounts, a tool like Ask NOMI (part of the RBC Mobile app) might help you stay up to date on what your money is up to. You can get your account questions answered quickly — in 12 different languages.

(Mostly Bs) The Connected Connector

You’re someone who sees apps and technology primarily as a way to connect with others. You’ve got all the social media apps installed — from Facebook and TikTok to Discord and Houseparty. And you have lots of friends on each.

Of course, not everyone is as connected as you, which is why it’s good to have options.

Say you need to send money for your part of a bill or a group present. So long as they have an account with a Canadian financial institution, if you have an email and/or a mobile number for them, you can send money via an Interac e-Transfer.

(Mostly Cs) The Resource Miner

You’re someone who uses technology to make your life easier. It’s a tool to help you get more things done — faster and more efficiently. From ordering groceries, getting a babysitter, to getting a Lyft to take you where you want to go, your phone is one resource you couldn’t do without.

If different technologies help you streamline your life, you’d probably use options like Bill Pay on your phone. You can take a photo and pay your bills. No trips to the bank, no cheques, no stamps, and no logging into multiple accounts.

(Mostly Ds) The Retro Analogue

You’re someone who probably prefers not to use their mobile phone. To you, chatting with friends, family or your significant other can happen during meals, without looking at devices. You know how to have conversations and often spend quality time in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

You recognise they have their uses, but your phone is there for your convenience. And if you already do your banking online, a mobile banking app might be another quick — and convenient — way to spend less time attached to devices. Not yet banking online? Enrol Now