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Most of us carry our phones with us everywhere and what we do with them reflects who we are. So what does your phone say about you?

Is your phone so old your phone company doesn’t sell that brand anymore? Or do you upgrade frequently and spring for custom cases bedazzled with rhinestones? Most of us carry our phones with us everywhere, and what we do with them reflects who we are. If you’ve ever wondered what your phone might be saying about you, now is your chance to find out!

  1. You use your phone primarily… (choose one)

  2. What kinds of apps do you currently have on your phone? (choose one)

  3. Do you use your phone to pay for things? (choose one)

  4. My phone case is… (choose one)

  5. How many hours a day do you spend on your phone? (choose one)

  6. My phone is… (choose one)

If You Answered Mostly As: You are an Unplugged Late Adopter

You are an independent soul who doesn't like the idea of being reachable at all times. Your friends have often tried to convince you to get a smartphone and you have eloquently resisted their efforts. But while smartphones can be annoying and addictive – they also save you time. For example, Google Maps will save you from driving around in circles and mobile banking apps will save you a trip to the bank by letting you cash a cheque by taking a photo or pay for gas with your phone. One of these days, take the leap and try a smartphone!

If You Answered Mostly Bs: You are an All Business User

A consummate professional, you're focused on doing a great job at work and moving up. You see your phone as a tool to help you accomplish your goals. You love any app that will improve your productivity which means that you've probably been using mobile banking since the very beginning. Just be sure to enjoy some of the other cool things your phone can do, like entertaining you during your commute. Have some fun with your phone!

If You Answered Mostly Cs: You are a Connected Social Butterfly

Phones are communication devices and you certainly use yours to do so. You are outgoing and love being around people. When you're not around your friends — you text them constantly! Your phone might be crowded with apps, but be sure to add a few that will help make your life easier. It's great you use your mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay — did you know you can also use your phone to pay friends back or send them a request to pay back the money they owe you?

If You Answered Mostly Ds: You are a Legendary Gamer

You would spend all day trying to beat Candy Crush if you didn't have a job or other responsibilities. You love games and likely proudly call yourself a bit of a 'nerd,' despite the fact that all your friends think you're cool. But make sure that you also enjoy some of the other things that your phone can do, like tracking fitness goals or your budget. Get a mobile banking app so that you can track your in-app purchases and pay your bills in between gaming sessions. You can also pay for your gaming snacks at the corner store with mobile payments.