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Technology to help multitask between kids, work and life.

Moms — when you’re not working from your home office or head office, you’re taking turns with the Dads chauffeuring kids to soccer games, dance lessons and play dates, and running errands while keeping endless appointments. You want to spend more time with your family, but far too often work and life get in the way. And getting ready for back to school is a particularly busy time of year.

The good news is, with the latest smartphones and advances in online security, moms can get more tasks accomplished while mobile—whether you’re in the waiting room or waiting for the game to start.

Shop For Back To School

Use your cellphone for safe and secure back to school shopping. Online checkout solutions such as Visa Checkout (available through most major banks) make it fast and easy to pay online without having to type in your address and credit card information each time you place an order. When you’re out on a back to school shopping trip with the kids, you can use your cellphone to compare prices on electronics and other supplies at different retailers to be sure you’re getting the best deal. Some stores will even allow you to price match the item by showing the flyer on your mobile device, saving you the time of travelling to the other retailer.

Order Groceries For Pick-Up Or Delivery

Place your grocery order for the week by accessing online grocery web sites from your mobile phone. You can pick up your order on the way home from the evening’s events, or schedule delivery for when it’s convenient for you.

Pre-Order Dinner

No time to cook? No problem! There are many apps for food ordering and delivery, representing the best local restaurants. Lots of your favourite eateries also offer their own apps if you want to contact them directly. Download the apps and you can order dinner in a snap.

Do Your Banking

You may bank online from home, and major financial institutions have implemented strict online security measures to ensure mobile banking is as safe and secure as it is convenient. Pay bills, transfer money, update investments, set or change automatic payments and more, all from your cellphone.

Schedule Appointments

More and more businesses are offering the convenience of online bookings through their web sites. You can schedule an oil change at your local garage, book a grooming appointment at the dog spa, and reserve some well-deserved pampering time for yourself with a mani/pedi.

Take A Meeting

Your work day doesn’t necessarily end at 5 p.m., but you still need to get the kids to their activities. You can dial-in to a conference call from your mobile phone or download one of the many conferencing applications to connect with colleagues while the kids are busy with their sports, lessons, or play.