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Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be overwhelming — especially those family members and friends that are nearly impossible to shop for. Wondering how to “wow" the tough-to-impress, or delight your friend who usually gives the best gifts?

Instead of wandering the mall waiting for inspiration to strike, avoid any guesswork with a curated selection of gift ideas for the people on your list. Be the gift-giving hero this year and make this the best holiday ever.

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The Adventurer

Active, health-conscious and ready for anything, they enjoy pushing limits and challenging boundaries. No matter the weather, they're looking for adventure. They might love hiking, running, cycling or all of the above, AND these gift ideas:

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The Trendsetter

Always on top of the latest trends and fashions, always the best-dressed. They shop regularly, online or in-store, and always have the best advice on what to wear — so what do you give them? Try these:

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The Super Fan

The person on your list who is always caught up on who won which game. They're a proud, loyal supporter of their favourite team, even if they don't always win. Make them cheer for you with these gift ideas:

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The Techie

They spend most of their time in front of a screen and are early adopters of the latest and greatest technology. They love video games, and can always fix your Wi-Fi when it stops working. Try these high-tech gifts for them:

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The Academic

When they aren't studying, they're cozied up to a great book. Studious and well-read, they make the best conversation and are always interested in learning new things. These gifts are sure to make them look up from their literature.

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Still can’t decide on the perfect gift? Depending on the type of credit card you have you may have the option to donate your points to charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and David Foster Foundation.