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If you're clueless when it comes to mobile apps - don't worry! We've rounded up all the coolest apps so that you can impress your kids and your friends.

Were you one of the last people you knew to get a smartphone? Do you sometimes overhear your kids talking about Snapchat and Vine and wonder when they became so much cooler than you? There’s nothing wrong with being a late adopter or being a little behind on what’s cool (check out this cheatsheet on what’s in right now)! But if you’re starting to get frustrated that the latest app fad is already played out by the time you hear about it – then this chart is for you!


A messaging service that deletes messages and photos after they’re viewed. Known for funny filters that give you bug eyes or makes rainbows come out of your mouth.


A video app that allows you to send live messages and broadcast events. Use it to watch cool video and live news feeds from around the world.

Facebook Live

It’s like Periscope in that it broadcasts live events, only it’s on Facebook and brought us Chewbacca Mom.


Throw out your CDs, MP3 players, and iPods! Apps like Spotify give you access to thousands of songs for one low monthly price.

Mobile Banking

Cameras aren’t just for selfies. Use yours to deposit cheques with your banking app. You can also do lots of other things – including splitting cheques with friends through text or e-mail money transfers.


Are you sick of posting ordinary photos on Instagram? It’s time to start posting videos that move and loop! Boomerang lets you easily create fun and silly videos and integrates with Instagram.


If you like Whatsapp, you should know that the cool kids are now using Kik. Kik is a messaging app that lets you connect with friends and groups around the world.


Are you still tracking your finances using spreadsheets? Stop wasting your time! Mint automates your budget by downloading your credit card and debit data and categorizing your spending according to the budget you set up. You’ll always know if you have any more cash to spend on lattes or if you’ve blown your caffeine fund for the month!

Face Swap 

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with your dog’s face? This app switches faces between two people (or animals) in the same picture or video.


This app takes lip syncing to the next level. Choose a song or sound and then record yourself saying or singing it and share it with your Dubsmash friends. Cue hilarity!


Ever wanted real life to be more like a painting? This app makes your pictures look like modern art.