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It's been a difficult year for everyone. But when times are tough, what matters most tends to come into sharper focus. Family. Community. Health. Peace. This Christmas will be unlike any other — but that doesn't mean it can't be celebrated wholeheartedly.

Whether your gift-giving list is long or short, you don’t need to spend a lot to give gifts that support the ideas, goals and pursuits of the people you care about. Here are some budget-friendly tips for giving gifts with meaning.

1. For the eco-conscious.

More and more consumers are taking steps to reduce their impact on the planet. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for those looking to reduce waste, metal straws are a trending gift for 2021 and S’well bottles are BPA / BPS-free, reusable and keep liquids hot or cold. An Aarke sparkling water carbonator — in stylish copper — can replace single-use plastic bottles and become a new kitchen showpiece. For the homeowner, an EcoBee thermostat and Phillips Hue Smart Home light bulbs can help create the perfect holiday mood.

2. For the health-conscious.

Health and wellness took a front seat for many in 2021. Whether you’re buying for someone who has already adopted a healthy routine — or someone with wellness goals for the year ahead — gifts that promote mental and physical well-being offer long-term benefits that can last beyond the holidays. From a simple yoga mat to an aromatherapy diffuser to a weighted blanket, you can help your friends and family stay active, mindful and rested. A FitBit that tracks their wellness can help keep them fit and motivated!

3. For the at-home chef.

Canadians have taken to cooking! Whether you’re buying for an at-home grill master, pastry chef, slow cooking enthusiast or even an amateur mixologist, there is a range of interesting, functional and meal-inspiring gifts that might just get you invited over for dinner. Consider a funky apron, a set of cast iron bakeware or cake-decorating tools for the chefs on your list, and mugs, bar tools and rock glasses for the budding bartender.

4. For the pet lover.

More than half of Canadians have at least one pet, and pet ownership has surged over the last year. For many people, the way to their hearts is through their beloved furry (or feathered) friends. Pet toys, essentials and interactive gadgets can be low-cost gifts that show pet owners you know what matters to them.

5. For the avid listener.

Over 11 million Canadians listen to podcasts and 37 percent are audiobook listeners. The audio format has enabled Canadians to reduce screen time, stay informed and enjoy content in new and stimulating ways. For the listeners on your list, headphones make a great gift — and come with a range of technology features and corresponding price points. For families that listen together, a set of speakers can be a thoughtful group gift! Before you shop, be sure to explore great offers from Best Buy as part of RBC Rewards.

6. For the humanitarian.

The holiday spirit truly comes alive when we give to those in need. For those on your list who care most about helping others, consider donating to a charitable cause or relief effort in their name. You can even use RBC Rewards points to donate to select charities including Ronald McDonald House, Hope Air and the David Foster Foundation.

7. For you.

Did you know you can use RBC Rewards points to pay down your credit card balance and even pay your other bills? If a bit of financial relief is what’s going to give you peace and comfort this season, it may be the best gift of all.

It’s easy to find the perfect items and experiences for the people you care about this holiday season. Visit RBC Rewards for inspiration and use your points to redeem for gifts that matter.

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