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Do you use the same password for different accounts? Do any of your passwords contain the word "password" or "1234?" If you answered yes to either question, you're making it easier for hackers to target you and your online info. It's time to give your tired passwords a makeover!

Cybercrime is rising, affecting individuals, families and businesses alike. That’s the bad news. The good news is that being cyber safe doesn’t take a lot of work — instead, it’s a matter of knowing what to do to keep hackers and scammers out of your systems and accounts. Our Vault Playbook is designed to give you some basic tools and tips that can go a long way to protect yourself, your family and your data in the digital world.


Here’s a little exercise: Count how many unique passwords you have for your various online accounts. You’re not alone if you have only a few (or just one)!

Using the same password in multiple locations isn’t the best strategy to keep your personal data secure from hackers.

Did you know many hacking-related breaches used stolen and/or weak passwords? While the numbers are high, it can be easily remedied by making a couple of password changes to help reduce your chances of being part of that statistic.

Here are 3 easy password tips to help you stay cyber safe:

1. Practice password diversity

Use different passwords (or passphrases, see below) for each account — especially when logging into sites that access personal or financial data.

2. Use a passphrase instead of a password

A passphrase is a collection of random words thrown together in a bizarre sentence — like DelayElephantBuy. Who’s going to guess that? To take it one step further, replace some letters with numbers or special characters. DelayElephantBuy can become De!@yE!eph@nt8uy.

3. Consider a password manager

Password managers generate strong, random passwords and remember them for you, so you don’t have to. Your encrypted password database can then be accessed with just one master password or passphrase, which means you’ll just have to remember one.

Looking for more great tips? Our Cyber Security Playbook, The Vault, is packed with great tips for making your passwords stronger and harder to crack. And it has more helpful steps and information to boost your cyber skills.