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Gil Moore may be best known as the drummer and co-founder of Canada's power rock trio Triumph. In this episode, he shares how the band came to be, its rise to worldwide fame and its break-up in 1993. What fans may not know though, is the success Moore has had as a CEO since Triumph's demise.

“Piano, trumpet and guitar I tried. I really tried — I just didn’t have musicality. What I did learn though is to have an appreciation for musicians and the way they collaborate to create. That passion has stayed with me through the years as rock documentaries are my go-to on Crave and Netflix. (I recommend Tom Petty and the Eagles — both are four hours, best served over two nights, and each represents a master class in branding, on top of great life stories).

And speaking of great life stories, here’s Gil Moore, the drummer in the band Triumph. At the height of their fame, topping the charts and selling out stadiums, the band breaks up. Gil reinvents himself by building Metalworks Studios into one of the top recording studios and AV suppliers in Canada — if not the world — and his entrepreneurial spirit now extends to educating the next generation of musicians.” — Tony Chapman

In this edition of Chatter That Matters, Tony chats with drummer and vocalist Gil Moore from the iconic Canadian hard rock band Triumph. Moore shares the story of his entry into the music scene and his progression from playing to indifferent audiences in previous bands to the overwhelming reaction from the audience the first time Triumph took the stage. In addition to the music, Triumph developed their own distinct branding as a rock band and ventured into new technologies to deliver unique and electric shows.

For emerging or struggling musicians, Moore shares advice (“the path to success is failure”) and discusses the need to navigate between fear and confidence to stay at the top of your game.

He gives the inside scoop on what led to Triumph’s breakup at the height of their success. And he talks about his remarkable second career as Founder & CEO of Metalworks Studios where artists like Drake, Prince, Anne Murray, Rush, Guns N’ Roses and NYSNC recorded their Gold and Platinum albums.

Passionate about music and education, Moore shares his thoughts on the need for evolution in both and he celebrates the people and companies he feels are helping to create the next generation of musicians.

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