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In March, 1927, 24-year-old Andrew Peller sailed into Halifax with five dollars in his pocket and a dream. He didn't speak the English language and knew nothing about Canada. That dream manifested itself into Peller Estates, where today, his grandson John continues to nurture it.

“I love real stories of people who have courage, conviction and creativity. I especially love them when they involve a family business — when a torch is based from one generation to another, and the livelihoods of many are intertwined.

This story begins in 1927 when 24-year-old Andrew Peller sails into Halifax with five dollars and his pocket and a dream for a better life for his family. It continues today under the leadership of the third generation, his grandson John Peller. We learn lessons of leadership, of making versus wondering, and most importantly, the lessons passed from grandfather to son, and then to grandson.” — Tony Chapman

In this edition of Chatter That Matters, Tony Chapman speaks with John Peller, the third generation to continue his family’s legacy. Peller Estates continues to grow today, creating world-class wines and winery experiences for wine lovers in Canada and around the world.

In the podcast, Peller shares the story of his grandfather’s arrival to Canada from Hungary and his bumpy yet inspiring entrepreneurial journey, which ultimately led him to found Peller Wines. He shares how his father, who was the Chief of Medicine for Hamilton Civic Hospitals, left his career behind to help his father in the family business — and how John himself joined and eventually led the winery to its place at the tables and in the hearts of Canadians.

“Family is one of nature’s greatest masterpieces,” John tells Tony. “It’s how we endure, survive and thrive.”

Sharing their family’s double-down strategy in Niagara, their game-changing foray into sparkling wine and his hope for a revision to the government’s legacy approach to wine distribution in Canada, John speaks from a position of passion, intuition and shrewd business sense. All of which have served him well as he has expanded and elevated the Peller business. But as he will tell you, no other factor has mattered as much as family.

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