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Maybe it will be your own private getaway space when required, yet planning a traditional "man-only" area around your family's needs and wants could result in finding a bit more money in the household budget to accommodate it. Use these 5 ideas to get started.

Every guy wants to create the perfect man space —you own private getaway place. But planning an area that can also be adaptable to your family’s needs could mean finding more money in the household budget to build it. Here are five ideas to help build perfect man spaces your whole family can enjoy:

1. Focus on a Family-Friendly Media Room

Comfortable seating is an important element of your getaway area. Lots of inviting seating means you can easily accommodate not just your immediate family, but also your extended family and close friends to enjoy movie night or a guys’ night watching the big game.

A family-friendly media room should also include adjustable lighting, with the ability to dim the lights accordingly. And finally, what media room is complete without a fabulous large screen television and sound system? If your guy cave becomes a mixed-use media room, then splurging on the audio-visual components can be an investment for the whole family.

2. Build a Bar/ Entertainment Area

Modern bars involve more than just counter space and seating. Today’s bars should include the little extras to help when entertaining guests of all ages such as:

  • Heavy-duty blenders for making frozen cocktails or smoothies.
  • Gourmet coffee machines to accommodate various tastes.
  • Popcorn machines.
  • Microwaves
  • Bar fridge or full-size fridge
  • Wine fridge/cooler
  • Space to store plates, bowls, glasses and mugs

Add a small wall-mounted television and well-padded comfortable swivel stools and your whole family can enjoy the space.

3. Go Big on a Family Games Room

There was a time when a “Games Room” was simply the room that housed a pool table, but today’s games rooms offer many other options.

For gamers and gaming families, having large screens for consoles, along with comfy seating and storage for popular titles is key. With most entertainment equipment being more affordable, you will only be limited by your imagination and your floor space.

Modern games rooms may also include a dart board, card table, air hockey, ping-pong and even that true piece of bar furniture — a shuffle board table. The same games that can be found in neighborhood recreation halls are finding their way into today’s family homes, with great results and fun for all generations of the family.

4. Create a Cozy Library or Den

Whether you call it a library, den, or even a home office, today’s homes often include beautiful warm living areas that could house your home-based business, or serve as a family reading and relaxation area.

Completing your home library with a desk and shelves designed for your books, trophies and family pictures creates a welcoming and intimate gathering space. And what library would be complete without a comfy chair-and-a-half for cozy reading time with the kids, or for that time you want to curl up alone? This space allows for full functionality that is as good for running your home business as it is for pleasure. And if you have the option to add in a fireplace and wine safe, this could also double as a romantic spot to share a bottle of ice-wine with your spouse.

5. Outdo Yourself With an Over-the-Top Outdoor Kitchen

Yes, you can be “King of the Cue,” and a family man too, by creating a comfortable outdoor kitchen or barbecuing space for family entertaining.

By selecting materials recommended for outdoor use, you can have all the amenities of an indoor kitchen — refrigerator/freezer, ice machine, storage, sinks — with your very own built-in barbecue. If you’re pressed for space, you can design an outdoor barbecue and entertainment area as an extension of your current deck. Or if your budget allows, consider a brand new creation with seating and a table to accommodate your next gathering of friends and family.

While traditional “man” spaces were typically considered a place for the “man of the house” to getaway to for some quiet time, creating spaces that everyone enjoys makes good sense. And it increases the chance your family will agree to spending a little bit more on the renovation or investment required to make it happen.