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Specialty Café is a podcast series produced by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Created and hosted by med students, this series provides a glimpse into the reality of a day in the life of both a specialist and a resident. In this episode, the host will explore the fascinating world of nuclear medicine.

Specialty snapshot

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that uses small amount of radioactive tracer in the study, diagnosis and treatment of disease. It is a mix of many different disciplines, combining medicine and basic biomedical science and has grown out of the fields of radiology, internal medicine and pathology. It requires a strong background in areas such as physiology, biochemistry, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and statistics and probability.

To become a nuclear medicine specialist, it takes an additional 5 years of Royal College-approved training upon completion of medical school, and that includes:

  • 1 year of basic clinical training;
  • an opportunity for further development of the skills required in establishing effective relationships with patients and other health professionals; the consolidation of competence in primary clinical and technical skills across a broad range of medical practice; and an understanding of the nature of the relationships between the referring physician and nuclear medicine consultant. This training may include surgical and pediatric blocks;
  • 3 years of comprehensive residency in nuclear medicine including PET imaging performance and interpretation;
  • 6 months of cross-sectional imaging relevant to nuclear medicine including head, chest, and body CT and MRI;
  • 6 months of approved residency to promote and refine specific skills.

Are you passionate about imaging, advanced technology, biology and physiology? Do you like the idea of using radioactive materials to examine the function and structure of organs? In this episode, join Dr. Christopher O’Brien, FRCPC as he shares his love of Nuclear Medicine. Dr. O’Brien and host Andrew Pauls will also delve into professional and personal aspects of life in medicine – and in particular about the need to keep an open mind about how medicine is practiced.

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