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Erica Ehm has been a radio DJ, a MuchMusic VJ, television host, songwriter, author, stage producer and a pioneer in digital and influencer marketing. In this episode of Chatter That Matters, Erica shares her secrets for having a long and relevant career.

This episode is for anyone looking to rock their career and life with purpose, passion and creativity; Erica Ehm shares how. — Tony Chapman

As a teenager, all Erica Ehm wanted to do was work in the music business — so she knocked on doors, got a job at Citytv™, kept learning and was willing to do anything. As she quickly rose in the business, she was seasoned by her early twenties, at which point she made a demo tape that landed her a gig as a MuchMusic VJ and future Canadian icon.

In this episode of Chatter That Matters, Erica chats with Tony about her start in the music industry, a conversation with Bono that led her to Ottawa University and her interview with Kurt Cobain, which she describes as a defining moment in her life.

A self-described opportunist, Erica shares how her bumpy transition to motherhood led her to create the Yummy Mummy Club — one of the earliest online communities for and by mothers, and one that also propelled her to the role of “influencer,” a decade before the term was even coined.

A host, creator, speaker, innovator, moderator, disruptor and Juno award-winning songwriter, Erica recently used her talents to support and promote causes she cares about, including pediatric pain research and teenage education. “Teenagers are our future,” she tells Tony. “We need to raise decision-makers, critical thinkers and creative thinkers who are intrinsically motivated.” A strong advocate for doing what you love, her hope for young people is that they pursue life and dreams the way she has.

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