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In this Mother's Day edition of Chatter That Matters, Tony Chapman speaks with two women who are managing to do it all. They are both exceptional leaders with highly demanding roles and committed mothers whose children come first amid busy lives of competing priorities.

Every week, Tony Chapman chats with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In his inspiring Chatter That Matters podcast series, Chapman uncovers tales of astonishing grit and resilience, stories of strength and impact, and valuable lessons that can help see the possibilities of life — even during challenging times.

Michelle DiEmanuele, President and CEO of Trillium Health Partners discusses the value of good leadership. “From the boardroom to the bedside, leadership matters,” she says, explaining how a culture of leadership is one where people take responsibility and lead in the moment — whether they’re managing the company or cleaning a patient’s room. “There’s never a wrong time to do the right thing,” she adds.

On the topic of juggling work and family, she feels a three-part balance is essential. “There is always something to give to work and there is always something to give to the family — but there has to be something that you’re giving to yourself,” she tells Tony. “You have to keep yourself healthy and strong so that you can give to the other two sides.”

She shares her thoughts on healthcare, applauds the commitment of healthcare workers and discusses the importance of a common advancement towards a healthy population.

Mary DePaoli, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at RBC shares her thoughts on work/life balance, telling Tony that “you have to know what comes first”— particularly with a busy job that requires a high level of performance day in and day out. “For me, my girls come first. Always.” She shares her tips for managing days that are both unpredictable and complicated — including being resilient, organized and leaving enough time for curiosity and creativity.

She offers advice for young people as they start their careers (do every job you can get your hands on) and shares her views on mentoring. “Today, my mentors are young people with a different point of view,” she says, explaining how she spends time reverse mentoring to get the perspective of youth.

Hear how these two women are leading through principles and values, making time for what matters, and shaping a vision for the future that’s rooted in purpose, innovation and equity.

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