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In this edition of Chatter That Matters, Tony Chapman chats with Kirstine Stewart, one of the most powerful people in media. As Head of Shaping the Future of Media at The World Economic Forum, she discusses her story, the challenges facing media today and why it matters.

“I remember the moment when my two daughters went from playing outdoors and playing with toys to becoming obsessed with screens. I was the first to encourage them to participate with this new technology. Very quickly, they went from having a circle of close friends to 1,000 best friends on social media. They started posting their life at the speed of light and validating other posts with likes and comments. It was harmless and certainly fed our human desire to be connected.

What I didn’t realize that underpinning all of this activity was data that would identify how each person using the platform thinks, feels and behaves — and that social media could not only nudge you into buying things, but also fill your feed with only the opinions and thoughts of like-minded people. As such, the middle ground — where democracy flourishes and consensus and collaboration is possible — disappears, and trust in media plummets.” ~Tony Chapman

In this edition of Chatter That Matters, Tony speaks with Kirstine Stewart, currently the Head of Shaping the Future of Media at the World Economic Forum, about this very problem. Kirstine shares her perspectives on what she calls a “post-factual world”, the importance of transparency to build back trust in media and the challenge of getting different points of view in front of listeners, viewers, readers, consumers.

Formerly the head of English language services at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), vice-president of media at Twitter and chief revenue officer at Tribalscale, Kirstine’s career has been made up of bold choices, gutsy decisions and no regrets. In this thought-provoking and lively conversation, she shares her principles of leadership, why she doesn’t believe in mentors or the imposter syndrome, and her views on public broadcasting.

In an age of exciting opportunity and considerable challenge when it comes to content and communication, Kirstine explains why she is fascinated to see what’s next. Listeners will be equally fascinated with her perspectives, insights and experiences in this compelling episode.

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