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When the twin towers fell 20 years ago, Kevin Newman had been on the job at Global National for 6 days. In this episode, he opens up about reporting that tragic day, his relationship with his son, and why he called out the Canadian government on their exit from Afghanistan.

“Terry O’Reilly described himself in a recent podcast as an Ad Man. Well, Kevin Newman is a News Man. There is no one in Canada who can match his career in television journalism, and there is no one but Kevin I would look to understand the world as it spins today, and how the news is spun.” — Tony Chapman

Kevin Newman has been a news junkie since his youth, influenced by Walter Cronkite and inspired by his seemingly constant presence at major world events. In this episode of Chatter That Matters, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Newman and Chapman chat about covering such a horrific event live, the ensuing war in Afghanistan and the role, importance and tenuous position of mainstream journalism today.

Newman speaks openly about balancing a demanding job with fatherhood, his relationship with his son, and the emotionally honest book the two wrote together about connecting and understanding.

Returning to the airwaves on September 10th for the first time in 10 years to present his documentary “Disruption: 20 Years of Global National,” Newman shares some behind the scenes stories and reveals just how personal the news can — and should be — for the journalists who share it with the public. As a vocal critic of misinformation, he discusses his recent article “The people we left behind at the gas station” and the country’s failure to evacuate Canadians from Afghanistan.

This episode will inspirit listeners to pursue the truth, honour the victims of 9/11 and reflect on the 20 years since.

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