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From his early career to his next big project, find out how Bryan Baeumler got his start in business and what continues to inspire him.

Like most 20-year olds, HGTV Canada’s Bryan Baeumler had no idea what he wanted out of life. While he always knew he loved working with tools, building stuff, and fixing things up, he wasn’t ready to focus his attention there as a career quite yet.

So, how did he eventually turn his passion into a booming business? Here’s Bryan’s backstory, and how he found the confidence to pursue his own personal Someday.

Entrepreneurial Confidence

Bryan was always drawn to entrepreneurship. He opened his first business at 14 with a friend at the cottage where they cleaned up garbage, assisted local contractors, and made some pocket money.

“I always knew I would work for myself — I took a few jobs here and there — but punching in and out was never a long-term option.”

While in his twenties he opened a business in air cargo brokerage, moving freight around and brokering a few charters. Whenever he wasn’t at ‘work,’ however, he was working on renovations. It was pretty clear this is what he was meant to do — the question was: How

Young Bryan

Sources of Inspiration

To succeed in business and keep driving forward, every entrepreneur needs inspiration. Bryan’s parents were always self-employed, so he was familiar with the concepts of being accountable to himself, powering through the hard times, and enjoying successes during the good times.

“My parents gave me the drive, and Sarah gave the confidence to go all in and never look back,” he says. “My parents, Sarah and the kids have always been my biggest inspirations. And, I admit it, I watched a lot of This Old House and Bob Vila.”

Bryan and Sarah eating in the house

Learning Opportunities

There’s plenty for a first time entrepreneur to be concerned about when starting a new business. Not having a steady source of income, understanding business structures and legal issues, and potential failure in front of family and friends — all issues that can be overwhelming. But if you’re passionate and driven, Bryan says, making the leap may be a great opportunity to learn.

“Deciding to work for myself was such a busy, exciting and free time in my life that I don’t think I ever had time to be scared!”

Bryan’s Next Someday

The most driven business owners are always looking for new opportunities and interesting ways to grow in business. When it comes to the Baeumlers, there’s lots on the horizon, and they’re always looking ahead to the next someday — starting with their new resort. “Welcoming guests to Caerula Mar in the Bahamas, watching and supporting my kids as they grow and find their own paths in life, and watching a few sunsets with Sarah. Every day is someday.”

Want to learn more about Bryan and Sarah’s story? Discover how they got started, what continues to inspire them, and more about what’s next for them.

Want to learn more about Bryan and Sarah's story? Discover how they got started, what continues to inspire them, and more about what's next for them.