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Here are a few apps to simplify your life, free up your time, and even create space in your bag or briefcase.

Video Editing

Forget about carrying around a cumbersome videocamera. Instead, use your phone’s camera/video recorder to capture great videos, and hen edit them for free using an app like Adobe Premier Clip.


It can be challenging to keep track of all your travel details, especially if you take several short trips. Stay organized when you use the free app TripIt to collect travel confirmations in one place – on your phone.

Food Coupons

Outdoor eating is a great Canadian tradition. Now you have a new way to save on your favorite foods. From salad fixings to barbecue sauces, free grocery and coupon apps like Checkout51 offer a great way to simplify savings. There’s no need to clip paper coupons, or to worry about leaving them on the kitchen counter when you go for groceries.


Help your garden grow throughout the year by using a handy gardening app to keep you on track. The HomeGrown With Bonnie Plants gardening app lets you know when your garden needs your attention, so you’ll never miss a watering and know when is the right time to fertilize.

Weather Watching

A long-time favorite for travelers, try the WeatherNetwork App for an Android or iPhone. Find a forecast at your fingertips to see if you’ll need sunglasses or an umbrella.


If you love to read, don’t worry about hauling a paperback or even an e-reader around in your purse. Instead, download the free Kindle or Kobo app and enjoy a good book on your phone while commuting, on a park bench or at the beach.


The free Google Maps app for iPhone or Android is still considered by many to be the best map app. Allows you to take a road trip (or even a hike) without a map or cumbersome GPS gadget. One less item for your backpack!

Mobile Banking

If you’d rather enjoy beautiful Canadian weather and outdoor activities than visit a bank branch, give a mobile banking app a try. A mobile wallet app (iOS or Android) lets you bank anytime and anywhere. RBC also offers mobile wallet app that lets you pay for purchases with your phone, so you won’t have to find an ATM to withdraw cash.

A good app should simplify your life, free up your time, and may even free up space in your bag or briefcase. After all, you won’t need to cart along your book, video camera, maps, coupons or cash.