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Save time and money by buying certain things online.

Whether you’re looking for a new weed wacker or you’ve run out of toothpaste, you can likely find just about anything you want to buy on the internet. But once you factor in the cost of shipping and the inconvenience of having to be home to sign for your package, not everything makes sense to purchase online.

So, what should you be buying online?

It’s best to focus on things which you can’t get locally or those you can find much cheaper online. Here are 5 products that fit those descriptions.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an ideal online purchase. Not only can you find great discounts on the web, but you can always find your brand and prescription in stock. And since they ship to you in boxes that fit in your mailbox, you also won’t worry about missing the delivery. If you haven’t bought contacts online before, the next time you drop your last lens on the floor, log onto Clearly Contacts or LensCrafters and see just how simple it is.

Specialty Foods

If you’re gluten-free, keep kosher, or have severe allergies, it can be a pain to find food that fits your diet. Luckily, the internet has many more delicious options to choose from than the two shelves your local grocery store devotes to specialty foods. Have fun trying new products on sites like or If you’re hungry now, you can get delivery from places like YamChops, the Toronto-based “vegan butcher,” or from your favourite restaurants with delivery services like

Niche Items

Does your nephew really like obscure anime character figurines? Do you have a niche hobby like weaving or archery? We all like something that is a bit outside the mainstream and for many of us it’s impossible to buy the things we love locally. In the past, you would have had to do without but today you can easily track down the specialty item you’re lusting after with a quick online search. and are now great places to find niche products, but there are also online specialty stores that cater to every interest.


Electronics are expensive – that’s why most people shop around when they’re looking to buy a new computer or TV. But going from store to store takes a lot of time. Why bother when you can easily check out prices at those same stores online? Companies like Best Buy and Staples often have more selection and availability on their online sites than in stores.

Vintage/Used items

If you’re a fan of thrift stores and garage sales, then it’s time to consider buying used items online. From vintage clothing to power tools, you will find more selection on the web than at the local swap meet. For those who love saving money by buying used, you can often find great deals on and