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If you’re serious about purchasing a home, obtaining a pre-approval puts your mind at ease. A lot of us, when we’re seeking to buy a house, have an idea of that ideal home. But can we actually afford that home?

Getting pre-approved will set your benchmark or your price range. This knowledge shapes your perspective so you’re not wasting your time and you’re not getting disappointed down the road when you see the house of your dreams and realize that you can’t afford it.

Meeting with an RBC Mortgage Specialist to get pre-approved will give you the confidence when purchasing a home as you’ll know exactly what the process is and exactly what’s expected of you so that you end up with the house of your dreams and the ability to finance your mortgage.

Get started with the pre-qualify tool.

An RBC Mortgage Specialist can help walk you through the entire process from the down payment to all the other expenses related to home buying such as mortgage payments, the benefits of picking a certain payment schedule, land transfer tax and lawyer fees.

At RBC, coming in to get a pre-approval is an easy no-cost, no-obligation process.