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Downsizing can be overwhelming. This episode includes tips for scaling down and the importance of grandparent-grandchild relationships. Don't miss Take 5 With RBC for news about a program that supports Black entrepreneurs.

Thinking about downsizing? Even if a move to a smaller home is years away, Go-To Grandma guest Karen Shinn from Downsizing Diva recommends starting today. In this episode, she chats with host Kathy Buckworth about downsizing and why removing clutter over time is easier than within a small window. She offers great advice — such as starting with the easy stuff, making lists, and leaning into the question, “What do I want, use and need?” Your future self will thank you!

Next, Buckworth welcomes Dr. Kerry Byrne of the website The Long-Distance Grandparent. Dr. Byrne returns to discuss the importance of nurturing relationships with your grandchildren, no matter where they live. She offers tips for staying connected with busy grandkids, especially if you live far away. Citing research that reveals the impact of a positive grandparent-grandchild relationship on mental health, she encourages any form of communication to maintain this vital bond.

Kathy Buckworth

Simika Kabir, Director of Commercial Financial Services Strategy at RBC, joins for Take 5 With RBC at the 20:00 mark. Kabir’s role is to lead the Women in Business, Black Entrepreneurs, Business Owner Planning strategies. She chats with Buckworth about the RBC Black Entrepreneur Program, part of RBC’s multi-faceted approach addressing the systemic racism impacting Black entrepreneurs. The Black Entrepreneur Program focuses on enabling inclusive access to capital, networks, mentors and business planning resources — for every stage of their business journey.