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Discover how a simple new service can make weekly garbage pick up a breeze (just don't stand downwind on garbage day).

Amelia is a peeker. Once a week, she draws back her living room curtains and peers out the window to see what her neighbours are doing. She often askes herself, “Is that bin grey or blue?” as she stares at the curb and contemplates her next move.

Carol, on the other hand, is more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of gal, relying on guesswork and gut feeling to figure out what she is going to put out this week.

Derek, meanwhile, is all or nothing. He puts everything he has out to the curb and waits to see what happens next.

Amelia, Carol and Derek are like all the other homeowners across Canada who have to contend with an alternating waste pick-up schedule and who are left guessing every week. What pick-up day is it? Is it recycling? Is it garbage? Will they pick up my yard waste?

How Do You Approach Garbage Day?

After speaking with homeowners across Toronto, developers learned that many rely on their neighbours — strolling by their bins to see what they’ve put out, or peeking out their windows to try and discern the subtle difference between the dark charcoal and dark navy bins sitting at the curb. Others take a guess based on what they recall from the week before, and others still take all their bins out … and whatever gets picked up, gets picked up.

But what if all your neighbours went away one week? What if they got it wrong? What if you don’t want to shuffle outside in your robe and slippers to get a closer look at the bins out on the street?

Now There’s an Easy Way to End the Guesswork is a new service that will send you a notification — either the night before or the morning of — to remind you what is going to be picked up from the curb. And if pick up is a day later due to a holiday, you’ll be notified of that too. The service may also come with interesting or little-known facts to keep garbage light and fun. Because what’s not fun about garbage?

How It Works is a pretty simple concept.

  • Enter your street address to determine what pick-up zone you’re in.
  • Choose when and how to get notified: by text or email, the evening before or morning of your pick-up day
  • You’re all set. No more spying on your neighbours’ garbage routine. No more paper calendar to keep track of. No more frustration when you guessed wrong.

You can find out more about how takes the guesswork out of your pick-up day here.


As part of a commitment to making managing your home as simple as possible, a dedicated and passionate Toronto-based team has been busy working on ways to improve the experience of owning and renting a home. Their mission is to find answers to solve big problems. And small problems. Through surveys and interviews they learned that no matter what stage of home ownership you’re in, knowing what to put out when is difficult. Whether you’re in a tiny starter home or sprawling estate, you still need to deal with garbage. Every week.

Sign up Now!

It’s super easy to sign up for It only takes a few seconds (literally!) to enjoy a future of confidence in your garbage pick-up schedule. Although the service is limited to the City of Toronto today, more municipalities are planned to be added soon. is not the end game. This is just the beginning, and one part of a larger home management solution for Canadian homeowners and dwellers. So stay tuned for more tools that can help make it easy for you to run your home.