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We have six tips to help you make downsizing easier – leaving you to feel excited about your move.


Make Sure Everything Fits.

Draw out your new space (or get a floor plan, if available) and plot out where everything will go.

Manage Your Time Effectively.

The process of sorting, packing and purging can be time-consuming, so determining how best to tackle this task is paramount. Perhaps allocate 15 minutes a day to your downsizing efforts, or taping boxes shut once you’ve packed them (so you can’t indulge any second thoughts).

Find the Right Home for Your Things.

Find people who could use your stuff. This could be your family, friends,a consignment shop or charitable organization. Knowing they’re going to good use can offer a sense of relief.

Don’t Take It Personally.

Do you have children who aren’t interested in keeping the family heirlooms?Nothing personal, just changing attitudes between generations.

Go ahead. Keep the Teacup Collection.

If you want to keep some treasures near and dear to your heart, you don’t have to get rid of them. Figure out what else you can do away with to make room for what matters to you.

Avoid the Storage Locker Trap.

It’s easy to pack up boxes “for storage”. The reality is, storage costs money and ultimately delays the inevitable. Just let it go.